Playa del Carmen Condos

Arena Blanca


Because of its classic architecture and impeccable construction, Arena Blanca is known by the locals, as “the beautiful building”.

The architect, Jose Almazan (affectionately known as “Architecto Pepe”), is a native of Guadalajara, now living in Cancun. He has a keen awareness of beautiful design and livable spaces; and Arena Blanca reflects that sensibility throughout.

From the iron gates to the arched stairways to the brick-ceilings (known as “bovedas”), Arena Blanca has many traditional Mexican elements. And together with modern elements, they create a very comfortable and beautiful vacation property. We are proud of the special care and attention to detail found in the building, thanks to the skill of the local builders.  The difference is noticeable...

And the location?  Es perfecto!  Arena Blanca is a few minute walk to the quaint area known as “Little Italy” and a five minute walk to the heart of Quinta Avenida,  the touristy center of Playa del Carmen.  Close enough but far enough away!

The short walk to the Caribbean via Calle 38 is one of the most beautiful walks in town... past the gardens of our favorite restaurant, La Cueva del Chango, and the charming beach front palapas hotels.

We love being so close to Coco and Mamitas Beaches, the diverse and colorful beaches that provides the best people-watching in Playa.  Rent an umbrella, pop open a cerveza, and enjoy the view of the beach and beach-goers... it’s a feast for the eyes.  You just might think you’ve died and gone to heaven, right here on earth!

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“The Beautiful Building”